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Creating SageYogaDance has been a dream of mine for many years. I would like to thank those people who have supported me in making this dream a reality. In so doing they have allowed me to share knowledge of a more loving way of living and creating new life; their love has had a ripple effect, which will spread and grow.

Eyeconic Photography
Not only for taking these beautiful photos of my little ten day old baby, while I felt calm and at ease in your studio, but, more than that, you inspired me, showed me kindness and filled me with self-belief. Thank you!

Vicki (hypnobirthing)
For being so passionate about what you do and sharing so much of your incredible knowledge with me. You held my hand as I took these first tentative steps on my journey; you had a big enough heart to share with me, despite your many commitments.

Sally Parkes
For bringing together a room of inspirational women and facilitating conversations and yoga practice that transformed me; it opened a door to my soul and I have been on that journey ever since. To all the women I trained with in Edinburgh, thank you for your continued love and support. Thank you for helping me to recognise the beauty of feminine strength.

For letting me share with you what I am so passionate about and responding with so much encouragement and always know how to cheer a girl up!

Your calm, kind presence is so supportive; thank you for practising yoga with me and letting me have cuddles with your beautiful baby.

Becky exponential changemakers
Your strength always has and always will inspire me. Your commitment and discipline to leading a life which nurtures and restores body and spirit is stunning. Your strength in your career and unwavering ambition is a constant motivator. They say that people are the average of the people they spend their time with; I very much hope so! Thank you for letting me work with you and for your encouraging feedback that also helped me to grow.

Stella (Mum)
Thank you for letting me use your body as my guinea pig! Your wonderful ability to be a woman in power who remained kind and saw the human first is what I aspire to. The incredible job you do as Baba to my children I cannot put into words, but I will say it is always done with grace and generosity. 

Jodie, Tash, Claire
For the opportunities you have given me, for believing in me and for helping me to know that I can be more than I thought.

Sarah, Lindy, Jess and Becky
For being such gorgeous models (inside and out).

Hubby and the Boys
Patience, encouragement, love and inspiration. Thank you.


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